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Executive Consulting
Business Strategy
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CEO & Senior Management Guidance and Individual and Team Advisory Services to accelerate business performance.

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Business Planning & Strategy Development is essential in order to achieve business growth goals.

Strategy Consulting 

Sales Growth/Channel Model Development is essential to achieve success in selling high technology.

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People Profits Performance Process


About KPI Dynamics

People, Process, Performance, Profits!!

People Profits Performance ProcessKPI Dynamics is a management consulting firm that specializes in assisting companies achieve business growth. We do this by assisting executive management teams to implement best business practices across all functional areas as it relates to People, Process, Performance and Profits.

Today most product and service firms face great challenges in achieving optimum business results.  Too often, there is little differentiation in products, service or go to market strategy.  In essence, there are many 'me too' firms out there. 
Growing a profitable business in today's environment requires that you approach the market in ways that probably require changes to your business processes across the board.  At KPI Dynamics, we assist CEO's and Executive Management teams in creating a business environment where the right People are utilizing best practices and Processes; relevant Performance Metrics are in place; and behavior results in Profitability.

We guide CEO's and Executive Management through the process of change. We assist in defining clarity with respect to goals, accountability in execution, and a candid assessment of performance.  We will review your People, Processes, and Performance Metrics and make recommendations to improve your business results. Competencies include:

  • Staff Evaluation
  • Full Cycle Sales Process Review and Recommendations
  • Sales Team Performance Metrics
  • Recruitment
  • Review of Sales Model and Recommendations for Changes and/or Improvements
  • Customer and Market Profiling
  • Sales Value Proposition Development                                   

Our staff has over 20 years experience in high tech sales, marketing and executive management. Our approach to business problem solving and decision making results in a more efficient business that produces growth in revenue and profits.

Our Client Base
KPI Dynamics has worked with high tech software companies, consumer electronic companies and business to business service organizations. We have assisted companies in growing revenue, hiring correctly, raising venture capital, retaining accounts in danger of being lost, and in defining channel program and policies.  Our clients range from startups through multimillion dollar organizations.   

Let KPI Dynamics' programs and services help your company improve your business results! 


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