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Executive Consulting
Business Strategy
Sales Growth

CEO & Senior Management Guidance and Individual and Team Advisory Services to accelerate business performance.

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Business Planning & Strategy Development is essential in order to achieve business growth goals.

Strategy Consulting 

Sales Growth/Channel Model Development is essential to achieve success in selling high technology.

Sales Training

People Profits Performance Process


Programs offered by KPI Dynamics

Sales Growth/Channel Model Development


Success in selling high technology requires efficiencies across every department that affects the supply chain and distribution model of your business. Your success in high tech is greatly dependent on your distribution model(s).  Understanding all the factors that impact the successful delivery of your high tech product or service is key to your success.

As High Tech Business Growth Specialists, we understand that your deliver model must be efficient, cost effective and sustainable.  We bring over 20 years experience of World Class IT solution delivery to our clients.  Our experience includes:

  • World Class Enterprise Hardware / Software distribution and channel development with international companies
  • World Class Channel Program Development and Execution
  • Channel Partner Business Plan development and metrics
  • Consumer Electronics channel sales and marketing

Channel Development Advisory Services include:

  • Review of current channel strategy and tactics with any recommendations for adjustments
  • Direct, Indirect , Hybrid sales models - understanding the true cost of each model
  • Sales Staff Recruitment from VP to Sales Rep
  • Commission Plan Creation
  • Revenue Goal Assessment
  • Managing channel conflict
  • E-commerce vs. brick and mortar models
  • Review of cost / margin / revenue model
  • Product segmentation and channel selection
  • Channel program review and assessment
  • Distribution and Reseller selection
  • Distribution and Reseller performance review
  • Channel Pitch presentation review
  • Distribution and OEM agreement advisement

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